Hello People

My name is Reuben and I am 12 years old …

Reuben is the reason wrecker raffles was formed
His aim is simple
He wants to help as many people as he can

Recently he held a raffle to help raise funds to adapt the home of his best friends Dad, who was sadly diagnosed with MND.
With the success of this he then decided to raffle his prized possession, his quad bike …
to raise the funds to buy his best friend an electric scooter to cheer him up.

Following this Reuben spoke to us about how he loved helping others and told us he wanted to in his words “go pro” and help as many people as he could by doing more raffles.

With so many competition and raffle websites about we decided to look into how we could implement this one but with a difference as our aim isn’t to make any personal gains, other than the satisfaction of helping others

So we established Wrecker Raffles will be a 100% NOT FOR PROFIT raffle website where EVERY PENNY PROFIT made goes directly to small/ independent or local causes, groups and charities.

Reuben will be the driving force in bringing his website to life and helping as many people and charitable causes as possible, whilst also offering boss prizes.

Our prizes will not only make a difference to the lives of those who win them but also to the independent businesses who supply them

Jump on board and you could win boss prizes whilst supporting local/ independent businesses and amazing causes

Always Be Kind and Good Luck

From Reuben 🫶🏽